Aviation Asset Management

Our asset management services provide a broad spectrum of aircraft management perfectly customer tailored solutions to suit our client’s unique needs. We ensure that Owner has seamless experience of owning an aircraft

Jet Management Geneva is able to provide support services ranging from;

  • Key account management
    Complete financial transparency, confidentiality and respect to the Client’s needs are important key criteria to build management services and customer support.

    Planning and day-to-day coordinating of the aircraft activities connected to operations, maintenance and charter use
    Customer support 24/7 to the aircraft Owner providing any requested information and full range of details
    Financial control of the operational costs and revenues
    Checking monthly invoices and obtaining clarity of every cost
  • Financial services
    Financial forecasts and budgets for the aircraft operations
    Costs analyses and analytics according to the Client’s needs
    Aircraft costs calculation
    Costs optimization strategies implementation
    Various monthly reports for the aircraft Owners
  • Aircraft interior design
    Passengers’ comfort and quality time in flight is a goal. Comfort has been always one of the major design considerations, which can be achieved by special design projects or slight additions, modifications to the cabin interior.
    The projects deliver to a Client an attractive, sophisticated and comfortable cabin.
    We are offering varieties of interior items from fine brands with respect to the color scheme and preferences of the Owner.
    Some small stylish details make a cabin look special and personalized.

  • Charter services
    In case our client decides to have their aircraft available for charter, they can be confident that it will be promoted via the various platforms available and our extensive network of contacts to generate the most revenue.
  • Maintenance supervision
    Our in-house technical specialist will assist with maintenance planning, work progress follow up and maintenance supervision onsite.
    Day-to-day coordination with CAMO in finding the best and the most technical and costs wise solutions for an aircraft.
    Invoice verification and control of maintenance costs
    Aircraft technical records verification
    Technical project support and coordination
    Pre-Buy Inspections support, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) audit ensuring airworthiness of the aircraft and its maintenance quality